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Saturday, 29 March 2014


As you all must know by now, I have a serious obsession with Mac products.I have been on the hunt for a decent blush for quite a long time now and I was having a little browse in my local Mac outlet the other day when I spotted this. It's Mac's extra dimension blush in the colour At Dusk.
I think it is the most gorgeous, pigmented colour ever and it's also perfect for spring!It adds that subtle pink to my cheeks and as I have pretty fair skin it works so well for me.
What's a bonus is that I only paid £13.50 for it! For that price I couldn't complain. It's everything I could ever ask for in a blush. I would honestly repurchase this blusher because I love it that much.

What is your favourite blush?
Let me know in the box below!

Love Ems xx

Friday, 28 March 2014

Rimmel Haul!

Hello lovelies! How are you all? 
It's that time of the week again, yes it's Friday!I'm going to be powering on through my coursework this weekend, I am so determined to get it all done now so I can enjoy the half term, start revising properly and not have to worry!
Anyway, I also found out on Monday that I was successful at my interview for a job at Marks and Spencer's so I am over the moon with happiness so I thought I would treat myself to some new make-up.
In Boots at the moment there is three for two on and of course I had to take advantage of that!
I have always been a fan of the brand Rimmel as I find their make-up to be really good value as well as being good quality.

After hearing lots about the Stay Matte primer (you can find it online here) and the Stay Matte foundation (online here), I decided to give these a try for myself.
As you all know I am a big fan of Maybelline's Baby Skin but this time I thought I would try something else.Rimmel's Stay Matte primer is only £5.99 which is cheaper than Baby Skin and I think you also get more primer for your money with Rimmel's primer. However, I am not too sure about the texture of the foundation at the moment, but I will do a separate review on this!
The Stay Matte foundation costs £5.99 as well which is really good value and I cannot wait to try it out!  

The next thing I chose was two nail polishes from the 60 seconds Rita Ora range. I chose the colour Lose Your Lingerie (the light pink one) and the Do Not Disturb one. You can find them on the Boots website here. They cost £3.69 each. I thought these two colours are going to be great for spring and I really cannot wait to use them! I also want to go back and buy more from the range as there are so many good colours to choose from!

 The final thing in my Rimmel haul is the Match Perfection Silky Loose Powder. My mum actually picked this up for my from Asda as I was running low on powder and she was popping into the shop anyway. I normally use the Stay Matte Pressed Powder but there wasn't any in Asda at the time so I'm now going to try this one. I'm not too sure about using a loose powder to be honest, but again, I'll let you all know how I get on with it.
This was £6.99 from Asda but you can also purchase this from Boots too.

Overall, I'm really happy with the products I've purchased and I'm soo excited to try them all out.

Do you like Rimmel products? & What's your favourite Rimmel product?
Let me know in the box below!

Love Ems xx

Thursday, 27 March 2014

My Top 5 Spring Nail Varnishes!

Sorry, for the lack of posting lately! I've got two pieces of coursework due in next week and I'm starting to stress.

Anyway,I love spring. It is probably my favourite time of the year.I love all the lighter colours compared to winters dark ones. So I thought I would share with you lovely people my favourite nail polishes for spring!

In order from left to right:
1.Maybelline's Colour Show in the colour electric yellow.
2.No.7's Stay Perfect (it doesn't have a name) but it's a gorgeous pastel blue.
3.Rimmel's 60 Seconds from the newRita Ora range in the colour 203 Lose Your Lingerie.
4. Rimmel's 60 Seconds from the new Rita Ora range in the colour 863 Do Not Disturb
5. Barry M's Nail Paint in the colour 272 Shocking Pink

I'd love to know what your favourite spring nail polishes are!
Let me know in the box below!

Love Ems xx

Monday, 24 March 2014


I had wanted to try an eye shadow crayon for quite a while as it seemed like an easy way to apply to your eyelids. However I didn't want to spend out on one if I then turned around and didn't like it. When I purchased my Pretty Edgy pallet from Superdrug (see review here.) they were offering a free MUA Colour Burst Eye Shadow Tint, which would normally cost £3. I wouldn't have minded paying that price either to be honest but it was a bonus that it came free with the pallet.
I decided to keep it neutral so I chose the colour Unfaithful. This shade is a very light brown, it almost looks golden. I love the texture of the crayon as it glides onto my skin very nicely and it is also very pigmented. 
I think it is a great alternative if you do not want to spend a lot on a product like this.
Overall, I would like to try other shades as I feel that the product really worked well for me and for only three pounds I can't complain!

Have you tried an eye shadow crayon? & Which one is your favourite?
Let me know in the box below!

Love Ems xx

Thursday, 20 March 2014


I was in on my way home from a job interview on Tuesday when I noticed that New Look had up to 60% off their clothes. I just went in with no intention of buying anything when this little beauty caught my eye.
What was even better was that it was reduced from £17.99 to only £10.00!
I just couldn't resist it!

What attracted me to it was the partly the style of the sleeves. They are quite large and I like the baggy look to it, it makes it smart - casual.

I also love the lace detail too. I had been after a lace style top for so long and hadn't been able to find one I really liked until now.

Do you like New Look's clothes?
Let me know in the box below!

Thanks for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it!
Love Ems xx

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Kelly Brook's Swimwear In New Look!

I know it may be a tad early for this post but I'm going on holiday in August so I have slowly started to pick up pieces that I will be taking with me. Also the people in New Look gave me a £5 off voucher so to me it seemed like the best time to purchase this years swimsuit. 

The one I chose is one from the Kelly Brook range they have in New Look. It's called KB Polka Dot Frills S.
I think that it is such a beautiful swimsuit. It is a navy blue and white colour and it has lovely frills towards the bottom. It also has cute white flowers with blue dots on the shoulder straps.

This is now my second swimsuit from the Kelly Brook range and I would honestly buy them all if I could. I think they are so much better quality than the typical New Look ones and as it is a Kelly Brook design it does cater for girls with bigger breasts too.
I decided to get a proper swimming costume this year as I had my appendix out in February and I'm not comfortable with the scars from the operation so this costume if perfect for covering it up. Also if I don't get too much sun on the scars they will heal quicker which is what I want.
This swimsuit costs £24.99 and because it is good quality I think it does almost justify the price.
I also purchased this hair band which I thought was very cute as it matches the swimsuit.


Over all I really love this range as I feel that there are many great designs and I think that it caters for mostly everyone. Not only does Kelly Brook do the swimsuit line but she also has a line of underwear in New Look too!

Have you tried anything from the Kelly Brook range in New Look?
Let me know in the box below!

Love Ems xx

Monday, 17 March 2014

What's In My Every Day Bag!

As you can tell by the title, this post is going to be what's in my bag! To be honest, I love these posts! I find them ever so interesting and I also admit that I to like be nosey, haha.

The bag I use is just a brown long strapped bag from Primark/Penny's. I like this bag because it's big enough to carry all my little bits an bobs but then it is small enough to just grab an go. I also like how I can put it across my shoulders and to me it increases security of my belongings.

I also carry around with me my glasses. I mainly need my glasses for reading and seeing long distance too so for me they are a necessity.
Of course my phone is always with my too. As my mum says it is practically glued to me. My phone is just a small Samsung Ace. As you can see it is white but on the back there is a grey floral pattern which makes it a bit more girly.

Excuse my iPod's smashed screen. It happened when it was in my coat pocket and I went to get off the bus, as my coat wasn't zipped up when I walked my coat swung as I was walking an hit a pole on the bus. :( However, it still works very well and I always have it with me as my journey to college is around one hour on the bus.

I then have my Cath Kidston bus pass holder which I purchased for only three pounds at an outlet store. I always have my bus pass, student card and any other cards when I cannot be bothered to carry around my big purse.
My purse is from New Look and of course there are cards and change etc in it.
There is always a lip balm and hand sanitiser in my bag. This is another necessity for me as I cannot stand the thought of all those germs from the bus on my hands and it all just spreading, ewww. I shiver just thinking about it! Lip balms tend to vary depending on what I fancy that day. The one in the picture is my Eos one (review here.

I then also have my keys and my headphones.
I don't normally carry much make-up with me. I might carry some lipstick or powder with me but not very often.
Sometimes I may carry wet wipes or tissues etc during winter for example.

What do you carry around with you?
Let me know in the box below!

Love Ems xx

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Rimmel's Match Perfection Foundation!

Hello my lovelies! How are you all?
I hope you all have had a lovely weekend. It has been rather sunny here in the UK,which is rather unusual right(?). Miko was home for the weekend too. It was so nice to see him. We went to a Chinese restaurant on Saturday with Miko's parents and then went to a house party later on in the evening. Then on Sunday we just chilled and spent some time at my house. Overall it was a great weekend and I miss him lots already!

Anyways, as you can tell by the title this blog post is going to be a review on Rimmel's Match Perfection Foundation. (you can buy from Boots here.)
This is my second purchase of this foundation after trying it for the first time back in October or November I can't remember, but I do know that this foundation is literally my absolute favourite and I can honestly see myself repurchasing this foundation over and over again.

This foundation is liquid based and it contains SPF18!
Personally, I think that this foundation gives medium coverage and feels very nice and soft on your skin. I do set this product with Rimmel's Stay Matte Powder and both products work really well together. 
I normally apply this foundation around 7am when I'm getting ready for college and I find that it has stayed well on my face by the time I get home. Sometimes if I haven't set it well enough I find that my face is a bit shiny but then I have a slightly oily T-zone anyway so I don't mind.
It comes in a large range of colours too from porcelain to bronze. I tend to buy this in the shade ivory.
I also love how I only need one or two pumps of this foundation to cover my whole face. With this foundation, a little goes a long way so you get the most out of your money!
I used to always stand by Maybelline's Dream Matte Mouse but this used to dry out my face quite a lot, but now Rimmel's Match Perfection foundation is definitely my new favourite!

What is your favourite foundation?
Let me know in the box below!

Love Ems xx

Friday, 14 March 2014

Mac Lipstick - Frost Chic

Meet one of the newest editions to my Mac collection and it is from the Frost line in the colour Chic.
This was another one of my amazing finds in my local Mac outlet! This lipstick usually retails for £15 and I only paid £10.50.

From the Frost range in the colour Chic.


I have heard that so many people do not like the Frost line that Mac products. Which is why I was a tiny bit sceptical when I bought this lipstick. However, when I tried this for the first time, I instantly fell in love with it. It goes on so smoothly and I didn't need to reapply during the day which is a huge bonus for me!
I would say that Chic is almost near the darker end when it comes to lipsticks but, when it is on your lips it is totally wearable during the day time as well as in the evenings.I think it also has a rose-ish tint to it which is lovely.

I wore this lipstick to college today!

What is your favourite Mac lipstick?
Let me know in the box below!

Love Ems xx 

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Benefit's Fake Up!

I was in Boots the other day and I decided to go and check how many points I have on my Boots Advantage card. I also looked to see if I had any offers I could print off to help with my purchases, when I saw an offer which said that if I had an eye brow consultation at the Benefit stand I would then receive a free sample of Benefit's Fake Up! So of course I couldn't resist and as a result I got a free sample! 

This is the size of the sample.
Fake Up is Benefit's new concealer they have brought out.
I completely fell in love with the design of the packaging of the product.It has a classic look with the swirls and curls yet, it looks modern at the same time with the bright pink.

Benefit's Fake Up!
At first I thought that the sample was rather small but then the purpose of a sample is that if you like it so much it persuades you to go an buy the full size. The full size costs £18.50 (here.)

On the inside of the packaging it came in, it has a picture of what the concealer looks like and arrows pointing out the qualities it has such as the hydrating ring and the concealing core.

A swatch of the concealer.

So far I have use this product a handful of times and I have not been fully convinced to go and buy the full size.There are three things about this product which I have noticed/don't like.
1) If you are to heavy with the product, it tends to becomes cakey and builds up around the edges of the eyes.
 2) Sometimes the hydrating ring causes my mascara to run and I end up looking like a panda! It then becomes more of and eye cream and not a concealer which it is meant to be.
3) It says it only covers dark circles, which means you would have to use another concealer to then go and cover any blemishes.

Whilst Benefit's Fake Up concealer looks really appealing, for me it is not as good as I expected.

Have you tried this product? & What are your thoughts on this?
Let me know in the box below!

Love Ems xx

Sunday, 9 March 2014

My New Love...

Hello my lovelies!
I recently went shopping in town on one of my three hour breaks at college and I found myself walking into Superdrug.
That is when I found this beauty!

It is the Pretty Edgy pallet by MUA!
(link for the product on Superdrug's is here)
I think the colours in this pallet are truly wonderful! These colours are really pigmented as well. I think the colours on the top especially are very every day wearable.
From the top left the colours are called Antique, Bow, Toile, Ruffle, Flounce and Lace.
Then the bottom row colours are from the left Sinful, Gothic, Wrath and Envy.
Personally, I have been loving the colours Bow and Toile because they just add a lovely tint to my look on days where I want to keep my look more neutral.

Here I am wearing the colour Bow.
This pallet cost £8.00 which I think is very good value! As it comes with so many different colours which you can create so many different looks with!

What's your favourite make-up pallet?
Let me know in the box below!

Love Ems xx 

Outfit Of The Day!

Hello my lovelies! How are you all?
Yesterday I went to an restaurant called Ed's Diner. It's basically a retro american style diner. I thought I would share with you all what I wore as it was such a sunny day.
I'm wearing a white polka dot t-shirt so I don't get too hot and so I can feel the breeze on a fabulous sunny day like this. In case the weather turns a bit too chilly, I carry my beige cardigan which never fails to go with any outfit. The light coloured blue jeans fit the pallet of colours nicely and the long-strapped leather bag, in my opinion makes this outfit look not-over-the-top but certainly smart but casual as well.

Top:  Matalan, £12.00.
Jeans: New Look, around £25.00.
Shoes: New Look, around £10.00 I think.
Bag: Primark, £6.00.
Cardigan: TKMAXX and I can't remember how much that was.

I was unable to get some snaps of the diner which is a shame, but it's a really lovely place. 

What have you been doing this weekend?
Let me know in the box below!

Love Ems xx

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Make-up Brush Storage!

 Hello my lovelies! How are you all?
Just wanted to quickly share with all of you my new make-up brush holder. I picked up this beautiful pot from Paperchase for £5.00. It's just perfect to keep all of my brushes in!

Please excuse my dirty brushes! They are due for a clean tomorrow!

How do you store your brushes?
Let me know in the box below!

Love Ems xx

Friday, 7 March 2014

Mini Mac Haul!

Hello my lovelies! How are you all? 
I've been so busy recently, it was my bothers birthday on Tuesday! Bless him, he's 10 now, growing up so fast.I also moved house last week and haven't been able to set the internet up yet so at the moment I am taking the pictures at home and then blogging from college!

A couple of weeks ago I went into my local outlet centre and obviously I had to go and look at the MAC section. I saw this little package with a travel size cleanser oil and finishing spray in it. As it didn't have a price on it, I went up to the counter and asked the lady. I could not believe it when she said it was only £10! So of course I had to get it! 
I was also in need of a new mascara and I found a little beauty called Black Dazzle. Normally this would have cost £14 but as I was in an outlet it only cost £9!

So far I have tried out the mascara and the finishing spray and I have fallen in love with them. I am already such as big fan of MAC products anyway so I wasn't surprised when I loved these products too!

Have you ever used MAC? & What are your favourite MAC products?
Let me know in the box below!

Love Ems xx