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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Benefit's Fake Up!

I was in Boots the other day and I decided to go and check how many points I have on my Boots Advantage card. I also looked to see if I had any offers I could print off to help with my purchases, when I saw an offer which said that if I had an eye brow consultation at the Benefit stand I would then receive a free sample of Benefit's Fake Up! So of course I couldn't resist and as a result I got a free sample! 

This is the size of the sample.
Fake Up is Benefit's new concealer they have brought out.
I completely fell in love with the design of the packaging of the product.It has a classic look with the swirls and curls yet, it looks modern at the same time with the bright pink.

Benefit's Fake Up!
At first I thought that the sample was rather small but then the purpose of a sample is that if you like it so much it persuades you to go an buy the full size. The full size costs £18.50 (here.)

On the inside of the packaging it came in, it has a picture of what the concealer looks like and arrows pointing out the qualities it has such as the hydrating ring and the concealing core.

A swatch of the concealer.

So far I have use this product a handful of times and I have not been fully convinced to go and buy the full size.There are three things about this product which I have noticed/don't like.
1) If you are to heavy with the product, it tends to becomes cakey and builds up around the edges of the eyes.
 2) Sometimes the hydrating ring causes my mascara to run and I end up looking like a panda! It then becomes more of and eye cream and not a concealer which it is meant to be.
3) It says it only covers dark circles, which means you would have to use another concealer to then go and cover any blemishes.

Whilst Benefit's Fake Up concealer looks really appealing, for me it is not as good as I expected.

Have you tried this product? & What are your thoughts on this?
Let me know in the box below!

Love Ems xx