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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Kelly Brook's Swimwear In New Look!

I know it may be a tad early for this post but I'm going on holiday in August so I have slowly started to pick up pieces that I will be taking with me. Also the people in New Look gave me a £5 off voucher so to me it seemed like the best time to purchase this years swimsuit. 

The one I chose is one from the Kelly Brook range they have in New Look. It's called KB Polka Dot Frills S.
I think that it is such a beautiful swimsuit. It is a navy blue and white colour and it has lovely frills towards the bottom. It also has cute white flowers with blue dots on the shoulder straps.

This is now my second swimsuit from the Kelly Brook range and I would honestly buy them all if I could. I think they are so much better quality than the typical New Look ones and as it is a Kelly Brook design it does cater for girls with bigger breasts too.
I decided to get a proper swimming costume this year as I had my appendix out in February and I'm not comfortable with the scars from the operation so this costume if perfect for covering it up. Also if I don't get too much sun on the scars they will heal quicker which is what I want.
This swimsuit costs £24.99 and because it is good quality I think it does almost justify the price.
I also purchased this hair band which I thought was very cute as it matches the swimsuit.


Over all I really love this range as I feel that there are many great designs and I think that it caters for mostly everyone. Not only does Kelly Brook do the swimsuit line but she also has a line of underwear in New Look too!

Have you tried anything from the Kelly Brook range in New Look?
Let me know in the box below!

Love Ems xx