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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

It's all about Baby lips!

Hello my lovelies! 
How are you all? How's your week going?
 I do apologise once again for the lack of posts, I was in Swansea for five days last week for an interview and also spending time with Miko, which was lovely.
Anyways, today I thought I would share with you all my Baby Lips collection by Maybelline.

The pictures below are all the ones I have so far. I'm only missing the Pink Punch one.


This first one is called Cherry Me. This one has eight hours of moisture and also adds a slight tint to your lips.

This one is called Intense Care. It also has eight hours of moisture. This one has SPF 20 which is great!

This one is called Mint Fresh. This one is very similar to the intense care as it has eight hours of moisture and has SPF 20. It does smell very minty!

This one is called Peach Kiss. It gives eight hours of moisture and personally I think it adds a slight tint of colour to your lips too.

This one is called Hydrate. Has eight hours of moisture and has SPF 20 too.

There is one in the photo below which unfortunately I don't have a single picture of. It doesn't look like the normal Baby Lips and I happened to pick it up when Maybelline had an offer on and I haven't seen it since. It simply just a light pink and like the rest of them, it has eight hours of moisture.

Baby Lips cost £2.99 each and at the moment there is buy one get one half price in Superdrug and I think the offer is in Boots too! I do know that in Boots Maybelline is three for two at the moment!

To be honest I can't choose a favourite one as I think they are all great and there is one for whatever mood you are in! I really do think that they moisture and condition my lips for a very long time. My lips feel so smooth! I would honesty recommend them to anyone and everyone! 

Do you have a favourite Baby Lips? If so what one? 
Let me know in the box below!

Love Ems xx

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