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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Latest MAC Haul!

Hello everyone! How are you all?
This weather is just great at the moment & I hope all of you are enjoying it too. I'm going on holiday on the 2nd for around 17 days,so there might be some more breaks in my blogging again, sorry guys and gals!

Anyways, for today's post there is yet another MAC haul. Joys of having an outlet near me which happens to sell MAC means that I'm always popping in there. I also work in Marks & Spencer and the store I work in happens to be in the outlet too and sometimes other stores give you an extra 10% discount if you work in the centre and it just so happens that I cant get the extra 10% off in the make-up shop, yayay!

In this haul, I bought the three lipsticks and the eye shadow from the outlet but the eye shadow pallet I purchased online as there was a weekend where there was free delivery.

The haul!
So the first lipstick I picked up was in the Lustre finish and it's called Lovelorn. The picture doesn't do it much justice, as it is the most beautiful baby pink colour. It's a great lipstick to use on an everyday basis and I often use this for work now as it is not too bold. It feels really silky on the lips and it also lasts for ages!

So chaud

Next, I picked up the colour So Chaud in the Matte finish. This is a very vibrant orange toned red. I would say that it is very pigmented and it has a lovely creamy texture and doesn't dry out your lips at all!
Heavenly Hybrid.
The final lipstick I purchased is also in the Lustre finish and it's called Heavenly Hybrid. It's such a lovely deep purple but as it has the lustre finish it means that it is not too heavy on the lips which means that you can get away wearing this lipstick all year round.

Above picture shows swatches of the three lipsticks. 
From top to bottom.. Heavenly Hybrid, Lovelorn & So Chaud.

I also purchased an eye shadow to start off my pallet. This is the most beautiful golden shade I have ever seen. It's called Retrospeck (swatch in the picture above). It shimmers at the all the right times and in most lights. A little bit of the product goes a long way!

Have you purchased anything from MAC lately?
What products would you recommend?

Thank you for reading!
Love Em xx