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Friday, 3 January 2014

1st Review on eos lip balm!

1st Review!
eos Lip balm in Blueberry Acai

Hello everyone! 

 So, after seeing so many people rave about the eos lip balm range,I had been wanting to try an one for ages,so of course I was ecstatic when my boyfriend bought me one for Christmas! He got me the flavour Blueberry Acai.

What is great about the eos lip balms is that they all contain 95% organic and 100% natural. It also contains shea butter; jojoba oil; and lots of antioxidant- rich vitamin E.

First of all, the Eos brand is American so to be able to get them here in England you have to order offline. The best places I have seen to get online is Amazon or Ebay. It can range in price, depending on shipping costs etc...

Moreover,I love the packaging the actual lip balm comes in. Just twist the lid off,apply to your lips and then click the lid back into place! They also come in a range of colours depending on which flavour you choose. As you can see here the Blueberry Acai one comes in a pastel blue colour. The packaging is plastic and very soft to touch.

Eos lip balms are in a solid form and they are all clear lip balms. To be honest I wasn't too sure about the smell of the Blueberry Eos at first as it almost smells gone off? I don't know...but once it's on your lips its lovely. At first the lip balm may seem hard or not as moisturising as it could be. However, once you get into the lip balm and get using it, personally I find it very moisturising and well worth the value.
Another think I like about the product is that it is more hygienic than putting your finger into a pot of lip balm!

Overall, I love these lip balms and I would definitely purchase more of them! I find them very moisturising and the packaging is very attractive in my eyes.

* Please excuse the poor quality of my pictures, I'll try and retake the pictures at some point and upload them

Have you tried eos lip balms? What's your opinion of them?

Ems xx

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